A Study on the Cooking and Processing Methods Presented in CHE MIN YO SUL -Palfaze-

"제민요술(濟民要術)"에 수록된 식품가공법 연구보고(II) -팔화제-

  • Published : 1991.06.30


PALFAZE is one of ZE. ZE is One of the Chinese Sause. Especially PALFAZE is made from eight materials and used for the slices raw fish or raw meat. At first ZE was made from pickled vegitables that minced, or added vineger, some spices. But later when the garic-growing was spreaded it was changed to be made from minced garic, ginger mixed in vineger or added some spices, starch. Especially PALFAZE is made from garic, ginger, salt, vineger, mamanufactured plum, dried orange rind, boild chestnut, boiled rice.