Soil-to-Plant Transfer Coefficients of Mn-54, Co-6O, Zn-65 and Cs-137 for Rice, Soybean and Vegetalbles

벼, 콩 및 채소류에 대한 Mn-54, Co-60, Zn-65, Cs-137의 토양-작물체간 전이계수

  • Published : 1991.12.30


Soil-to-plant transfer coefficients of Mn-54, Co-60, Zn-65, and Cs-137 were estimated for the edible parts of the rice, soybean, lettuce, carrot, and squash grown in different soils by radiotracer uptake experiments using pot cultures. The transfer coefficients of radionuclides were in the order of Zn-65 > Mn-54 > Cs-137 > Co-60 in most of the cases studied. The coefficients for soybean were roughly an order of magnitude higher than those for rice. Among vegetables, lettuce mostly showed the highest value and squash, the lowest. In the strongly acidic soils, transfer coefficients were much higher than in the moderately acidic soils. From the data obtained. crop-specific transfer coefficients of the four nuclides were proposed for the use in Korean food-chain radiation dose assessment.