Radionuclide Diffusion in Compacted Domestic Bentonite

압축 국산 벤토나이트 내에서 방사성 핵종의 확산이동

  • Published : 1991.12.30


The diffusion of Sr-85, Cs-137, Co-60 and Am-241 in compacted domestic bentonite was studied, using a diffusion cell unit in which diffusion took place axially from the center of cylindrical bentonite sample body. The effects of compaction density and heat-treated bentonite on diffusion were analysed. And the diffusion mechanism of radionuclide was also analysed by evaluating the measured diffusivity of anion Cl-36. The apparent diffusivities obtained for Sr-85, Cs-137, Co-60 and Am-241 were $l.07{\times}10^{-11},\;6.705{\times}10^{-13},\;l.226{\times}10^{-13}\;and\; l.310{\times}10^{-14}m^2/sec$, respectively. When the as-pressed density of bentonite increased from $1.8\;to\;2.0g/cm^3$, the apparent diffusivity of Cs-137 decreased by quarter. In the case of bentonite heat-treated to $150^{\circ}C$, no significant change in diffusivity was observed, which showed the possibility that the domestic bentonite could be used as a chemical barrier to retard the radionuclide migration at below $150^{\circ}C$. From the calculated pore and surface diffusivity, the surface diffusion due to the concentration gradient of radionuclide sorbed on the solid phase was found to dominate greatly in total transport process.