Comparison of Dose Assessment Programs; DOSE, LIMCAL and PABLM

방사선 피폭선량프로그램 DOS, LIMCAL 및 PABLM의 비교

  • Published : 1991.06.30


A comparison study is performed on dose assessment programs including DOSE, LIMCAL, and PABLM, DOSE is a program developed for preliminary safety assessments of the low- and intermediate- level radioactive waste disposal, and the others are existing programs applicable to similar calculations. The results show acceptable agreement within an order of magnitude(mrem/yr) except for C-14 and Pu-239. PABLM results higher dose for C-14 while lower value for Pu-239 in comparison with those from DOSE or LIMCAL. It is found that the discrepancy in C-14 is due to difference in transport model introduced and that in Pu-239 is from the different value of dose conversion factor to each program.