A Bibliographic Study on Korean Translations of American Literature

미국문학작품의 한국어 번역본 출판상황

  • Published : 1990.06.01


Translation has attained an important role in transmission and maintenance of human culture. As the world gets closer translation is regarded as one of the most useful means to carry knowledge and information through the language barrier. Translations of literary works in particular have been regarded as one of the most valuable means of helping people to understand and cooperate with one another in the interest of world peace. Korea has maintained a very close relationship with the United States of America since she first opened her door to the States in 1882. No one can deny that American has had a strong influence on Korean culture, politics, economics and education through the long close relationship between two countries. This study has been carried to find out how many and what American literary works have been introduced into Korea through translation from 1882 to 1982.