Development of the Corporate Entry In German Cataloging Rules

독일목록규칙에서의 단체기입의 전개과정

  • 김태수 (한남대학교 도서관학과)
  • Published : 1990.12.01


The RAK has in general adopted the provisions of the paris principles to a far greater extent than many other cataloguing codes. And the analyses confirm that the determination of the main entries in German cataloging rules is a rather complex process and one which can result in inconsistent, arbitrary decisions. And the selection of the main entry requires a considerable amount of decision making which is time-consuming and costly. From the point of view of computers, all entries are equal as points of retrieval. In light of the above considerations the most important recommendation to be made is that the main entry principle be abandoned from cataloging theory and practice and be replaced by the title entry. It would eliminate the need for personal judgments required by the present rule. In so doing, it would bring uniformity and Standardization to cataloging practice. Use of the title entry would reduce the time and effort spent on the selection of the main entry which serves no important purpose in the catalog. Therefore title entry is more developed finding device than author entry in direct approach for document retrieval.