Synthetic Seismograms of Non-geometric S* and P* Waves Using the Reflectivity Method

반사도 기법에 의한 비기하적 S* 및 P* 파의 합성 계산

  • Hong, Dong Hee (Department of Geological Sciences, Seoul National University) ;
  • Baag, Chang Eob (Department of Geological Sciences, Seoul National University)
  • Received : 1990.08.29
  • Published : 1990.08.31


Synthetic seismograms and deduced characteristic properties of the non-geometrical $S^*$ and $P^*$ waves are presented. These waves are excited on the free surface or an interface between two different media by an inhomogeneous P wave from a point source nearby, and propagate as homogeneous waves in the media. Synthetic seismograms are computed using an extended reflectivity method designed for buried source and receiver. An efficient computational procedure for propagator matrices of layers is devised to reduce the computational time and the RAM memory size in the implementation of the reflectivity method. Radiation patterns are obtained from the particle motions of the four types of the "*" waves, i.e., the $S^*$ wave generated near the free surface, and the reflected $S^*$, transmitted $S^*$ and transmitted $P^*$ waves generated near an interface. Some patterns show polarity changes of displacements and others reveal monotonic or non-monotonic variation of amplitude depending on the velocity structure. The decaying trend of amplitude with increasing epicentral distance are also shown for the head wave type of the "*" waves.



Supported by : Korea Research Foundation