Application of the Intensity of Use of Mineral Consumption Forecasting

광물자원(鑛物資源) 수요예측(需要豫測) 모형(模型)으로서의 사용강도(使用强度) 방법(方法) 응용(應用)

  • Received : 1990.08.24
  • Published : 1990.08.31


This study found that that dynamics of intensity of use and economic theory of derived demand can both be accommodated through an extensive translog demand model. The basic idea in this recognition is that the skewed life cycle empirical pattern of intensity of use plotted against per capita income is of lognormal form and this lognomal intensity of use model can be mathematically transformed into an eqivalent simple translog intensity of use model. Empirical results showed that this extensive traslog model, which is a flexible function and includes both the classical case of fixed coefficients and the dynamic case of varying coefficients of the explanatory variables, gave better forecasts than the original intensity of use model and other conventional models.