A methodology of the status study and the remediation of children's misconceptions of elementary science concepts

국민학교 아동의 과학개념에 대한 실태조사 및 교정을 위한 방법 연구

  • Published : 1990.12.30


The objectives of this study are to find out the research methodology about misconception, the types of scientific concepts to be misconcepted the analysis methodology of causes of misconception, and remediation methodology of misconception. The research methods of this study are descriptive ques tionnare, interview, classroom observation and curriculum analysis. The results of this study are: ${\circ}$ The descriptive questionnaire is sufficient to obtain children's ideas. ${\circ}$ The types of science concepts to be misconcepted are 'the invisible natural phenomena,' 'the vague Understanding', 'the contents of teachers' lecture', 'the lack of children's cognitive development,'and 'the influence of nursery stories.' ${\circ}$ The Cause analysis methods of misconception are that the analysis of the cognitive level of the questionnaire items, the examining the item concepts are taught or not and the investigation about the agreement of the cognitive level of the questionnaire item and children. ${\circ}$ Remediation methods are visualijation and instrustion of invisible natural phenomena, concrete presentation of the scientific concepts, and acceleration of the cognitive development.