Studies on the Estimation of Growth Pattern Cut-up Parts in Four Broiler Strain in Growing Body Weight

육용계에 있어서 계통간 산육능력 및 체중증가에 따른 각 부위별 증가양상 추정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.09.01


The experiments were conducted to investigate the possibility of improving the effectiveness of the existing method to estimate the edible meat weight in the live broiler chicken. A total of 360 birds, five male and female chicks from each line were sacrificed at Trial 1 (body weight 900-1, 000g), Trial 2 (body weight 1.200-1, 400g), Trial 3(body weight 1, 600-1, 700), and Trial 4(body weight 2, 000g) in order to measure the body weight, edible meat weight of breast, thigh and drumsticks, and various components of body weight. Each line was reared at the Poultry Breeding Farm, Seoul National University from the second of july, 1987 to the thirteenth of September, 1987. The results obtained from this study were summarized as follows : 1. The average body weights of each line( H. T, M, A) were $2150.5\pm$34.9, $2133.0\pm$26.2, $1960.0\pm$23.1, and $2319.3\pm$27.9, respectively. at 7 weeks of age. The feed to body weight eain ratio for each line chicks was 2.55, 2.13, 2.08, and 2.03, respectively, for 0 to 7 weeks of age. The viability of each line was 99.7. 99.7, 100.0, and 100.0%, respectively, for 0 to 7 weeks of age.01 was noticed that A Line chicks grow significantly heavier than did T, H, M line chic ks from 0 to 7 weeks of age. The regression coefficients of growth curves from each line chicks were bA=1.015, bH=0.265, bM=0.950 and bT=0.242, respectively. 2. Among the body weight components, the feather. abdominal fat, breast, and thigh and drumsticks increased in their weight percentage as the birds grew older, while neck. head, giblets and inedible viscera decreased. No difference wat apparent in shank, wings and hack. 3. The weight percentages of breast in edible part for each line thicks were 19.2, 19.0, 19.9 and 19.0% at Trial 4, respectively. The weight percentages of thigh and drumsticks in edible part for each line chicks were 23.1, 23.3, 22.8, and 23.0% at Trial 4. respective1y. 4. The values for the percentage meat yield from breast were 77.2. 78.9 73.5 and 74.8% at Trial 4 in H, T, M and A Line chicks. respectively. For thigh and drumstick, the values of 80.3, 78.4. 79.7 and 80.2% were obtained. These data indicate that the percentage meat yield increase as the birds grow older. 5. The correlation coefficients between body weight and blood. head, shanks. breast. thigh-drumstick were high. The degree if correlation between abdominal fat(%) and percentage of edible meat were extremely low at all times, but those between abdominal fat (%) and inedible viscera were significantly high.