A Study on Response Time Index for Sprinkler Head

스프링클러 헤드의 응답시간지수 측정

  • Published : 1990.12.01


This study describes the engineering approach adopted to investigate sprinkler head during the early stage of a fire when they are subjected to convective heating and low gas velocities. Comparions are made between the parameters derived using basic methods, ie. ramp test, for evaluating sprinkler parameters(time constant, response time index) is illustrated. Evidence is presented that the propotion of heat loss by conduction from a sprinkler element may very typically employed in the rate of rise test. This fact alone may justfy the precautionary need to perform a limited number of rate of rise tests to confirm a sprinklers capacity to function correctly in reasonably unfavourable yet realistic conditions. The work is aimed primarily at meeting the needs of sprinkler industry.