A Study on the Temperature Distribution of Welding Zone in Carbon Steel

탄소강재 용접부의 온도분포에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.12.01


In this study, the transient temperature distribution of welded zone was analyzed by Finite Element Method for the optimal design of weldment. This study was carried out for the steel plate 8mm thick, 100mm wide, 100mm long that butt weld. The weld was made with a heat input of 2,250 joule/cm(arc current : 180 amperes ; arc voltage :25 volts ; and arc travel steed : 0.28 cm/sec). In the analysis of temperature, cooling in the welded zone by the conduction between materal was almost completed at 600 sec when a unique temperature field was formed. after this, the material was gradually cooled by the heat transfer to the circumference. In the early phase the temperature in base metal zone is little changed. but after the rise in temperature the whole area is cooled gradually.