A Study on Autoignition Characteristics of 1-Heptene, 2-Heptene and 3-Heptene.

1-Heptene, 2-Heptene 및 3-Heptene의 발화특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.10.01


This study was performed by experiments with ASTM's apparatus for determination of autoignition temperature to obtain autoignition characteristics of 1-Heptene, 2-Heptene and 3-Heptene, respectively. As results, minimum autoignition temperatures (MAIT) of 1-Heptene, 2-Heptene and 3-Heptene were 246$^{\circ}C$, 248$^{\circ}C$ and 254$^{\circ}C$, respectively and each dropping volume of these temperatures was 0.25$m\ell$, 0.20$m\ell$ and 0.20$m\ell$. Instantaneous ignition temperatures measured at each dropping volume of Heptene were 371$^{\circ}C$, 357$^{\circ}C$ and 342$^{\circ}C$, respectively. Relation ignition delay time with ignition temperature at minimum autoignition temperature agreed well with Semenov's equation, and the values of apparent activation energy from this equation were 47Kca1/mo1 for 1-Heptene, 35Kca1/mo1 for 2-Heptene and 29Kca1/mo1 for 3-Heptene. It was found that the values of apparent activation energy decreased as the position of double bond changed from end to center in C-C chain.