An Effect of Carbon Tetrachloride Treatment on the Xanthine Oxidase Activity of Small Intestine in Rats

흰쥐에 사염화탄소역여시 소장 Xanthine Oxidase 활성 변동

  • 윤종국 (계명대학교 자연과학대학)
  • Published : 1990.04.01


An effect of carbon tetrachloride (CCl$_{4}$) was studied on the xanthine oxidase(XOD)activity of small intestine in male rats. Concomitantly a cause of increasing small intestine XOD was focused on an effect of actinomycin D and the kinetics of partial purified XOD frdm small intestine in CCl$_{4}$ intoxicated rats. An injection of CCl$_{4}$ to the rats showed an increase of small intestine XOD. In the pretreatment of actinomycin D before injection of CCl$_{4}$ to the rats, the XOD activities of small intestine were significantly decreased. In the partial purified enzyme preparation, the small intestine XOD in CCl$_{4}$ intoxicated rats showed the more increased Km and Vmax value with xanthine as substrate than that of control group.