Investigation of Demersal Fisheries Resources of East China Sea - 3 . The Oceanographic Condition of the East China Sea in November , 1989 -

동지나해 저서어류의 자원조사 연구 - 3 . 1989년 11월 동지나해의 해황 -

  • Published : 1990.06.01


Using the data observed on the Oshoro-maru from November 4 to November 12, 1989 in the East China Sea, the oceanographic conditions were investigated. The results are as follows: The oceanographic condition of surface layer was divided into two regions. One was the Tsushima Current Waters and the other was the China Coastal Waters. The oceanic front was formed between above two waters. Tsushima Current Waters had high temperature ranging 22~24$^{\circ}C$, high salinity ranging 33.5~34.5$\textperthousand$ and low D.O less than 4.5ml/l. And China Coastal Waters had low temperature ranging 18~2$0^{\circ}C$, low salinity less than 23.0$\textperthousand$ and high D.O ranging 4.0~5.0ml/l. In the case of the bottom layer, Tsushima Current Waters and China Coastal Waters appeared the same as the surface layer. In addition, the Yellow Sea Bottom Cold Waters and the Southern Bottom Waters of East China Sea distributed together with two surface waters above. The was temperature ranging 15~19$^{\circ}C$, salinity 34.5$\textperthousand$ and low D.O ranging 2.0~3.5ml/l and that was temperature less than 1$0^{\circ}C$, salinity less than 33.3$\textperthousand$ and high D,O greater than 4.5ml/l. The waters of intermediate characteristics between China Coastal Waters and Tsushima Current Waters seem to be resulted from the mixing occurred between the above tow waters, and it had temperature of 20.5~22.$0^{\circ}C$, salinity of 32.3~33.3$\textperthousand$.