Investigation of Demersal Fisheries Resources of the East China Sea - 1 . Fishing Experiment by Trawl -

동지나해 저서어류의 자원조사 연구 - 1 . 트로올에 의한 어획시험 -

  • Published : 1990.06.01


For the purpose of investigation of demersal fisheries resources of the East China Sea, joint research between Hokkaido University and National Fisheries University of Pusan was carried out during the period from November 5 to November 12 in 1989. This joint research is due to continue for the next three years. In this report, the authors analyzed the catch of 24 draughts of trawl operating by the Oshorumaru of the training ship of Hokkaido University in the north area of the East China Sea, in order to hold the present condition of the demersal resources. The specimens collected were composed of 76 species of fishes, 6 of mollusca and 7 of crustacea. And the main species of the large catch were Raja kenojei, Zeus faber, Miichthys miiuy, Collichthys lucidus, Dentex tumifrons, Carangoides caeruleopinnatus, Trachurus japonicus, Parastromateus niger, Trichiurus leptulus, Scomberomorus niphonius, Pampus argenteus, Pampus echinogaster, Psenopsis anonala, Liparis tanakai, Thammaconus modestus, Tadarodes pacificus, Loligo edulis, and Portunus trituberculatus. Especially, Trichiurus leptulus, Pampus agrenteus and Thammaconus modestus had different modes of classes of body size individually, with changing of fishing ground. But, Tadarodes pacificus, Loligo edulis and Portunus trituberculatus were caught the maxed sizes of body individually in the same ground.