Mechanization of Fishing Operation on the Sea Eel Pots - 3 . Automatic Loop Catcher and Recoiling System of the Main Line -

장어 통발어업의 자동기계화에 관한 연구 - 3 . 모릿줄과 고달이채기의 자동화 -

  • Published : 1990.06.01


The rope winder in addition to the line hauler was used for recoiling of the main line to the rope pond at the stern, however, catching the loops, evenly revoiling and arrangements of the loops were done manually by two men. The automatic loop catcher under the rope winder was consisted with the rotary lever, semicircle guide plates, transfer belt and swing rope receiver for arrangements of the loops and evenly recoiling. The obtained results are as follows: 1. The minor diameter of a loop and the diameter of the coiling pile in a lead core PP rope(ø 10mm) are about 14cm and 60cm while the rope is piled on the bottom. 2. Distribution ratio of the loops within upper or lower 10cm from the transfer belt is 93% with a lead sinker and 98% without sinker using by the smaller loop catcher. 3. The relationship between revolutions of the rotary lever N sub(1) (rpm) and the hauling pulley N sub(p) (rpm) by gear ratio 3:1 in the smaller loop catcher is as follows: N sub(p) =2.86 N sub(1) +23.74 and optimum ratio of horizontal speed of the loops by the rotary lever to hauling speed is about 70%. 4. The rope receiver is swung front and rear for the evenly recoiling and its period can be controlled by gear ratio or hydraulic circuit in accordance with the interval of the loops.