A Study on the Comparison of Injection Rate Measurement by the Bosch`s Method and the Zeuch`s Method

Bosch법과 Zeuch법에 의한 분사율 , 측정의 비교연구

  • Published : 1990.03.01


There have been many methods for measuring the injection rate of diesel engines, but the results of them are not always identical and the reason for the discordance is not clear. Besides, a single shot injection equipment has been used for the fuel spray and the combustion research of diesel engines, but the results of experiment using the equipment don't apply to a volleyed shot injection of real engines. This paper investigates the merits and faults of the Bosch's method and the Zeuch's method, at the same, this paper also compares the injection rates of single shot inject rates of single shot injection and a volleyed shot injected by the Bosch's method. the results are summarized as follows: (1) The measurement error of the Bosch's method is about $\pm$1%, therefore, its accuracy is reliable. (2) By the Bosch's method, as the speed and the load of fuel pump increase, the injection rate becomes higher, on the contrary, the injection period(ms) shortens as the speed increases and the load decreases. (3) In this experiment, the injection rate of a single shot injection is lower than that of a volleyed shot injection under the same conditions. (4) The bulk modulus of elasticity using the Zeuch's method increases in proportion to the back pressure. (5) The Zeuch's method is less accurate than the Bosch's method.