Distinction and Tracking of Multiple Pingers Using a Single Frequency

단일 주파수에 의한 복수의 초음파 핑거의 식별 및 추적

  • Published : 1990.12.01


To testy time division scheme, we performed some experiments in a circular water tank(13m in diameter and 1m deep). A result of that is shown in figure 4. The 2-dimensional position of the pinger was calculated by the method of hyperbolic line of position calculation. The resolution of the time difference on the base line is 2.5cm. In experiments, the multiple pingers of a single frequency were distinguished and tracked successfully. When the experiment is carried out in the water tank, some multi-path pulses always occur. To delete it, several 10 ms of time delay is inserted onto the program after a group of the normal signals are received. Some normal pulses are not received by the time delay, however there is no problem, practically, for the distinction and the tracking of the pulse. In 2-dimensional positioning, the pinger position can be calculated with three hydrophones. However, if four hydrophones are available, the positioning accuracy will be higher than three hydrophones only by some techniques. Another good feature of the use of four hydrophones is that the positioning of the pinger is capable if a hydrophone fails in receiving them. We also tested this distinguishing method in the field using another type pingers(APPENDIXA).