Cross-Sectional Velocity Variability and Tidal Exchanger in a Bay

만구를 통한 해수유출입과 만내수괴의 해수교환성

  • 김종화
  • Published : 1990.12.01


Chinhae Bay, included small ports, is the region which the red tide phenomenon is occurred frequently in summer season. Field sampling of 4 cross-sections in the bay resulted in detailed informations on cross-sectional velocity distributions, salt concentrations and discharge during one consecutive tidal cycle in summer season, 1983. High velocity cores reoccur two times a semi-diurnal tidal cycle at the same cross-sectional location, lower layer, in Kadok Channel during the spring tide. The tidal exchange ratio was estimated by Eulerian method. The range of exchange ratios in central Kadok Channel are 9.3-17% at the spring tide and 16.9-21.8% at the neap tide. On the other hand, its range in Masan bay-mouth is 8.7% at the spring tide and 2.0% neap tide, respectively.