Attraction Activities of Fish to the Baits ( 2 ) - Identification of Chemical Attractants for Sea Eels , Astroconger Myriaster , in Their Natural Habitats -

어류 유인활성 물질에 관한 연구 ( 2 ) - 현장 실험을 통한 붕장어 유인 활성 물질의 검색 -

  • Published : 1990.12.01


The chemical attractants for sea eels, Astroconger myriaster, were identified by using fish traps in their natural habitat around namhae island, southern part of Korea. The ethyl alcohol extracts of anchovy, Engraulis japonica, which was a very good baits for sea eels showed higher attraction activities than residuals of it. Because sea eels showed high attraction activities to the free amino acid or nucleotides of synthetic anchovy extract, the succeeding experiment was conducted to identify the major chemical attractants among 9 free amino acid and 2 nucleotides by omission test. L-Glutamic acid, L-glycine, taurine, L-methionine or IMP showed highest attraction activities among 11 chemical compounds. But sea eels showed significantly weaker attraction activities to the synthethic extracts and single component than to the natural extract.