Age and Growth of the Marbled Sole Limanda Yorohamae in Tokyo Bay , Japan

동경만산 문치가자미의 연령과 성장

  • Published : 1990.12.01


Age and growth of the Marbled Sole Limanda Yokohamae in Tokyo Bay were studied by otolith reading of 1,070 fishes from May 1986 to April 1988. Examination of the outer margins of the otoliths showed that the hyaline zone as annulus was formed once a year and that its formation was completed at the end of the spawning season (Feb. to Apr.). Growth of the fish was expressed by the von Bertallinffy's equaion as Lt=255.7{1-exp[-0.505(t-0.149)]} for males and Lt=376.9{1-exp[-0.303(t-0.202)]} for females, where Lt is standard length in mm and t is age in years. It was found that the growth of males and females differs, with the females showing a higher growth than the males at each estimated age. Growth in body weight was also examined. Most of the fish examined were found to be not more than three years old, although the oldest fish were four years old for males and seven years old for females.