Constant Frequency Control of Generating System Driven by Hydraulic Power - Simulation -

유압 구동식 발전장치의 정주파수 제어 - 시뮬레이션 -

  • Published : 1990.09.01


This study suggests a new type shaft generator driven by hydraulic power suitable for small size vessels. Since the shaft generator system is very easy to be affected by disturbances such as speed variation of the main engine and the load variation of the generator, a robust servo control must be performed to obtain stable electric power with constant frequency. So, in this study the robust servo control method is adopted to the controller design. Dynamic characteristics on the frequency variations of the electric power output according to the disturbances are investigated by computer simulations. From the considerations of the computer simulation results, it is ascertained that the shaft generator system proposed in this study had good control performances.