A Study on Flow Control Logic Valve - Static Characteristics of Proportional Poppet Type Logic Valve -

유량제어 로직 밸브에 관한 연구 ( 비례 파핏형 로직 밸브의 정특성 )

  • Published : 1990.06.01


This study suggests a new type flow control logic valve which have grooves on the main poppet valve. The grooves connect oil supply port to pilot chamber and the oil passages made by the grooves are designed to vary in proportion to the displacement of the main poppet valve. From analytical formulations on the hydraulic circuit including the flow control valve, equations on the characteristics of the valve were obtained. In the experiment, the relationships between valve displacement and flow rate to the load side, and the variations of flow rate to the load side according to the variation of load pressure were investigated. From the experimental and numerical results, it was ascertained that the flow control valve designed in this study had excellent characteristics on proportional control and remote control.