Performance of the Magnetic Compass Made in Korea ( 2 ) - An Examination of the Damping Characteristics -

한국산 자기 컴퍼스의 성능 ( 2 ) - 제진특성 시험 -

  • Published : 1990.06.01


This paper described to be measured the damping Characteristics in the artificial magnetic field in order to estimate the stabilited of the card and characteristic of movement of the directional system of the magnetic compasses made in Korea. The results obtained are summarized as follows. 1) It is compared by the elements of performance of the magnetic compasses made in Korea with the standards for magnetic compass of the IMO NAV/ANNEX II. The results are suitabled in the korean off shore, but it is unsuitabled in the high latitude sea than over the latitude 60 degree. 2) The characteristic of damping curve by the diameter of cards when the diameter of cards are 170mm and 175mm(clearance are 10.0m, 12.5mm), the fricative error is indicated the least than the other ones.