Accuracy of the Loran C Fix on the Route Between Pusan and Cheju

부산-제주 항로상에서 Loran C 위치정도

  • Published : 1990.06.01


A number of studies for the improvement of the accuracy of the Loran C fix were carried out previously. But most studies were preformed when a ship was at anchorage, or in port. To investigate the accuracy of the Loran C fix when a ship was underway and in port, a series of observation was made on the route between Pusan and Cheju from Oct. 1988 to Oct. 1989. The obtained results are summerized as follows: 1. There is little difference in the accuracy of the Loran C fix by daytime and night, and the higher the mountain nearby ship, the greater the error of ship's position. 2. When a ship is at anchorage and underway, and the accuracy of ship's position is almost not affected by course while underway. 3. In order to promote the accuracy of the fixed position, a navigator must correct the propagation velocity and the geodetic system simultaneously, but in this paper the authors find that a most accurate position can be obtained by converting the geodetic system only.