The Mixing of Forced Plume In the Coastal Waters

연안해역 중력 분류의 혼합 과정

  • Published : 1990.03.01


The behavior and mixing process of the forced plume are studied in the hydraulic laboratory. The dilution rate of discharged waste water from the port in various hydraulic condition was analized. The effect of densimetric Froude number and the discharge type on the dilution rate are discussed: In the vertical discharge, the forced plume of small densimetric Froude number mixes more actively than that of the large one. In the horizontal discharge, forced plume of large densimetric Froude number dilutes more rapidly than that of the small one. The mixing takes place more vigorously in the horizontal discharge than in the vertical one. The multi-port diffuser is more effective for the waste water discharge system than the single port diffuser in the tidal swinging coastal sea.