Detection and Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signal at the Epicenter on the Circular Glass Plate During Pencil Land Fracture

연필심 파괴시 유리원판의 진앙점에서 음향방출 신호의 검출 및 해석

  • Published : 1990.03.01


Theoretical evaluations of the vertical displacement at the epicenter on the circular glass plate have been carried out in the case of the unit point loading(1 dyne force strength) with the Heaviside step-function time dependency. Acoustic emission signals generated during pencil lead($\Phi$=0.5mm, HB) fracture on the soda-lime glass($\Phi$=22cm, thickness=2.8cm) were observed by the optical Michelson interferometer with the stabilized circuit, and then the source function of the observed acoustic emission signals was analyzed by the deconvolution method. The source function of acoustic emission during pencil lead fracture had a 'dip' of~0.7$\mu$sec duration time at the front portion and a step function of~0.5$\mu$sec rise time with a force strength of~4.5N.