New Antibiotics Produced by SEreptomyces mekmosporofaciens I. Taxonomy of the producing microorganism

Streptomyces melanosporofaciens가 생산하는 새로운 항생물질 I. 생산균의 분류 . 동정

  • 김시관 (한국인삼초연구소 유전생리부) ;
  • 김상석 (한국인삼초연구소 유전생리부) ;
  • 김창한 (건국대학교 축산가공학과)
  • Published : 1990.12.01


Strain 88-GT-161 producing new phthalic acid derivative and basic macrolide antibiotics was identified as being S. melanosporofuciens based on numerical taxonomic data. However, 4 unit characters among 139 units were clearly different from the common properties of 6 strains belonging to cluster No. 32 represented by the name of S. violaceoniger or S. violaceusniger, leading us to designate as a variety of S. melunosporofaciens. This paper describes the taxonomic characteristics of the strain. Isolation and chemical structures, including biological activities of the active compounds produced by this strain will be presented elsewhere.


S.melanosporofaciens;S.violaceusniger;numerical taxonomy;new antibiotics