Screening and Identification of a Potent Fungus for Producing Raw Corn Meal Saccharifying Enzyme

옥수수 생 전분 당화 효소 생산 곰팡이의 분리 및 동정

  • 오성훈 (태평양화학㈜기술연구소 발효공학연구실) ;
  • 오평수 (태평양화학㈜기술연구소 발효공학연구실)
  • Published : 1990.12.01


We have been searching microorganisms which produce highly active raw starch saccharifying enzyme and also have a good cultivation characters in submerged culture. About 170 strains of molds isolated from soil and compost were tested for their amylase productivity on plate contained 2% raw corn meal. Thirty-four strains out of 170 strains produced clearance on the plates, and were tested for their raw starch saccharifying activity. Then, 4 strains which had shown relatively high levels of saccharifying activity were selected. Among them, Strain No. 55 was found to have highest level of raw starch saccharifying activity, and selected for the further studies. In this paper, the morphological, physiological and cultural characteristics of Strain No. 55 were described. Based on the results obtained in these experiments, Strain No. 55 was identified to be a similar species to Aspergillus niger.


Raw corn meal saccharifying enzyme;Aspergillus niger