Design of Recycle Bubble Column Reactor for Continuous Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose

섬유소의 연속 효소 가수분해를 위한 순환식 기포탑 반응기의 설계

  • Published : 1990.03.01


Enzymatic hydrolysis of insoluble cellulose was performed in a bubble column with tangential flow ulrafiltration membrane unit. The reactor was operated in a batch mode as well as semi-continuous and continuous with continuous removal of products through the tangential flow ultrafiltration membrane. The optimum superficial gas velocity was 1-3cm / sec so as to avoid bubble coalescence and enzyme denaturation. In continuous and selni-cotinuous process, the conversion was gradually increased but the total reduced sugar concentration was drcastically dereased with the dilution rate. It was concluded that the bubble column attaching tangential flow ultrafiltration membrane unit was effective on continuous hydrolysis of cellulose and recovery of enzyme.