Localization of phenoloxidases in coprinus congregatus grown on a low-temperature-liquifying medium

저온 액화성 응고제를 사용한 고체배지에서 자란 coprinus congregatus의 phenoloxidase들의 localization

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  • Ross, Ian K.
  • 최형태 (강원대학교 미생물학과) ;
  • Published : 1990.09.01


The hyphal tip phenoloxidases of Coprinus congregatus were localized by the protoplast-concanavalin A method. Protoplast were generated from cultures grown on a solid medium which was solidified with a new gelling agent, Pluronid Polyol F127, instead of agar. the enzymes were associated with the cell membrane which might work as a transducer in the light recepter complex.