A Study on the Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide for Exhaust of Car Engine by the $LaSrNiCoO_3$ Low Noble Metal Catalyst

저귀금속 $LaSrNiCoO_3$ 촉매에 의한 자동차 배기중의 일산화탄소의 산화반응에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.05.01


The oxidation of carbon monoxide on a catalyst, $LaSrNiCoO_3$ was investigatigated with a plug flow system. Kinetic quantities such as reaction-rate, reaction order and Arhenius-parameters at various reactor temperature from 200$^\circ$C to 300$^\circ$C were determined. Also, the optimum condition for the oxidation of carbon monoxide with this catalyst was determined and are as follows. Partial pressure of oxigen ; 428mmHg Partial pressure of carbon monoxide ; 332mmHg Mixed moral ratio of oxigen and Carbon monoxide ; 1.3 : 1 Total gas flow ; 224ml/min Reaction temperature ; 340$^\circ$C The reaction kinetic equation at the optimum condition, temperature range from 200$^\circ$C to 340$^\circ$C, are as follow. $$ $v = Ae^{6.5Kcal/RT} [CO]^{0.93 \sim 0.98} [O_2]^{0.42 \sim 0.50}$ $$ In addition to this, numerical calculation were performed to evaluate the mass and heat transfer effect on this system.



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