An Observational Study on the Temperature Rising Effects in Water Warming canal and Water Warming Pond

온수로 및 온수지에서의 수온상승효과에 관한 조사연구

  • Published : 1990.09.01


The power water flowed out from the multipurpose darn influences the ecosystem approximately because of the low water temperature. An appropriate counter measure to the rising water temperature is needed for growing crops especially when the temperature is below 18˚C in the source of the irrigation water This observational study is practiced in Yong-Doo water warming canal and pond in the down stream of Choong-Ju multipurpose dam and is practiced for analyse and compare the rising effects in actural water temperature by actual measurement with the rising effects of planned water temperatuer by the basic theoritical method and for the help to present the direction in plan establishment through investigate the results afterwards. The results are as follows. 1.The degree of the rise of the water temperature can be decided by $\theta$x=$\theta$o +K L--v.h (T-$\theta$˚)Then, K values of a factor representing the characteristics of the water warming canal were 0.00002043 for the type I. and 0.0000173 for the type II. respectively. 2.A variation of water temperature which produced by the difference effective temperature and water temperature in the water warming canal was $\theta$x1 = 16.5 + 15.9(1-e -0.00018x), $\theta$x2 =18.8 + 8.4( 1-e -0.000298x)for the type I. and $\theta$x, = 19.6 + 12.8 ( 1-e -0.00041x) for the type II. 3.It was shown that the effects of the rise of water temperature for the type I. water warming canal were greater than that of type II. as a resultes of broadening the surface of the canal compared with the depth of water, coloring the surface of water canal and installing the resistance block. 4.In case of the type I. water warming canal, the equation between the air temperature and the degree of the rise of water temprature could be made ;Y= 0.4134X + 7.728 In addition, in case of the type II. water warming canal, the correlation was very low. 5.A monthly variation of the water temperature in the water warming canal was the highest in August during the irrigation period and the water temperature rose with the air temperature until August. However, it was blunted after then. 6.A rising degree of water temperature of the practical value in the water warming pond was higher than that of the theoritical equation by 69% for the type I. and 57% for the type II. Accordingly, it was possible to acquire the result near the practical value.$\theta$w-$\theta$o=[1-exp{ -h(1+2$\psi$) . X($\theta$w-$\theta$0)XC Here, C values are 1.69 for the type I. and 1.57 for the type II. 7.It was shown that the effect of the rise of water temperature was favorable when the thermal absorption was to be good by coloring the surface of the water warming pond and removing the bottom osmosis. 8.By enlarging the surface of water in comparison with the depth, and by having dead area of water in the water warming pond, this structure in the water warming pond is helpful for the rise of water temperature.