A Study on Scoring Resistance In Lubricated Sliding Contact

윤활 마찰면의 스코링 저항성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.03.01


As a basic study to clarify the scoring resistance in lubricated sliding contact, the temperature rise on frictional surface was analyzed by theoretical method and the effects of various factors on the temperature rise were examined. On the basic of the results obtained theoretically, the practical equations to calculate the maximum average temperature of the contact surface were proposed which are applicable to sliding contact. Then, the effects of sliding velocity and oil temperature on the seizure behavior, and the relation between seizure and temperature rise were investigated. The following conclusions are deduced : The maximum average temperature rise and the other bulk temperature. The former is affected by the size of heat supply region and the sliding velocity, the latter is affected by heat transfer coefficient. Without regard to the operating condition such as sliding velocity, oil temperature and operating time at each load-step, the maximum average temperature just before seizure is nearly constant except in the region of lower velocity. Consequently, the maximum average temperature of the contact surface in boundary lubrication is a useful criterion to predict the scoring of sliding contact.