Variation of Surface Crack Shape in Pressure Vessel Materials

압력용기 소재에서의 표면균열의 형상변화

  • 허용학 (한국표준과학연구소 재료응용연구실) ;
  • 이주진 (압력용기 소재에서의 표면균열의 형상변화) ;
  • 이해무 (한국표준연구소 재료응용연구실)
  • Published : 1990.05.01


Cracks present in pressure vessels have been reported to be mostly semi-elliptic surface cracks. The fatigue crack growth rates(FCGR) of surface cracks in the pressure vessel materials, API5A-K55 and SPV 500, used in this study were showed to be different depending on the direction of propagation of the surface crack. An equation for the prediction of the shape change of the surface crack was obtained by combining the Paris' relations for each direction of surface crack extension and agreed well with the experimental data. And also FGGR in both materials were evaluated and prediction of the shape change of surface crack were made using averaged stress intensity factor.