A Study on Evaluation Process of Hotel Management Strategy

Resort Hotel 경영전략 평가에 관한 소고

  • 한승엽 (상지대학교 경상대학 관광경영학과)
  • Published : 1990.12.31


The objective of this study is on evaluation process of resort hotel management strategy. Therefore, in this study, we find try to a successful implemantation of resort hotel feasibility study and management strategy by systematizing and materialinzing the theory of resort hotel. And we have also investigated and analyzed the real status of resort hotel and then worked out the problem, and estabilished a plan for feasibility determination of resort hotel, he results of this study are as follow: 1) We need to characterize, matenance, develop the benefits of resort hotel. 2) We need to know how to establish model and facilities of resort hotel. 3) We have to inclease quality and quantity of employee's service. 4) We need to effort to satisfy customer's needs and wants through improvising and enlarging facilities of resort hotel. 5) We need to specialize the quality of F & B division. 6) We need to improve the hotel image, promote sales through promotion tools like avertisement, publicity, personel selling, sales promotion.