KCCH Medical Cyclotron Operation for Neutron Therapy and Isotope Production (1989) - A Technical Report -

중성자 치료와 동위원소 생산을 위한 KCCH 의학용 싸이클로트론의 운영 (1989)

  • 김병문 (싸이클로트론응용연구실) ;
  • 김영서 (싸이클로트론응용연구실) ;
  • 박주식 (싸이클로트론응용연구실) ;
  • 이종두 (싸이클로트론응용연구실) ;
  • 류성렬 (치료방사선과 원자력병원) ;
  • 고경환 (치료방사선과 원자력병원)
  • Published : 1990.12.25


After four years of planning, equipment acquisition, facility construction and beam testing, the KCCH cyclotron facility was put into operation in November1986. Now the KCCH cyclotron(MC-50) has been used for four years in neutron therapy and radioisotope production. Up to December 1989, 179(1852 sessions) patient have undergone neutron therapy. Radioisotope production for nuclear medicine use was started from March 1989 after extensive work to overcome target transport, target melting, beam diagnostic and chemical processing problems. This status report introduces the cyclotron facility, and the experiences of neutron therapy and isotope production with the MC-50 cyclotron. Besides, the operation results and the general troubles of the MC-50 during 1989 are summarized. Total operation time was 1252.5 hours. Four hundred hours were used for neutron therapy of 599 treatment sessions and 832.5 hours for radioisotope production. Total amount of produced raioisotope was 1695 mCi(Ga-67 : 1478mCi, Tl-201 : 107 mCi, I-123 : 25mCi, In-111 : 85mCi). Twenty hours were used for scheduled beam testing. In 1989, 882% of the planned operation were performed on schedule and this rats is improved remarkably compared to 71.0% in 1988.