An Approximation Method for the Estimation of Exposed dose due to Gamma - rays from Radioactive Materials dispersed to the Atmoshere

대기로 확산된 방사성물질로부터 방출되는 감마선에 의한 피폭선량을 계산하기 위한 근사화 방법

  • Kim, T.W. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Park, C.M. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Ro, S.G. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • Published : 1990.12.25


The dispersing model of radioactive plume in the atmosphere was assumed to form finite ellipseshaped volumes rather than a single plume and gamma absorbed doses from the plume were computed using the proposed model. The results obtained were compared with those computed by the Gaussian plume and the circular approximation models. The results computed by the proposed ellipse-shaped approximation model were close to those by the Gaussian plume model. and more accurate than those by the circular approximation model. The computing time for the proposed approximation model was one fortieth of that for the Gaussian plume model.