Sorption of Radioactive Cobalt and Ruthenium on Soil Minerals

방사성 코발트 및 루테늄의 토양 흡착

  • Lee, Byung-Hun (Hanyang University) ;
  • Hands, J.D. (Leicester Polytechnic, England)
  • Published : 1990.12.25


The sorption of radioactive cobalt and ruthenium on alumina, silica gel, zeolite 3A, kaolin and Na-bentonite has been studied as a function of pH. nuclide concentration and ionic strength. Retardation factor for cobalt and ruthenium on soil minerals was determined through porosity measurement. Hydrolysed species, cobalt and ruthenium interact with solid surfaces by physical adsorption processes. Freundlich sorption isotherms for cobalt and ruthenium are effectively linear. The sorption decreases with increasing ionic strength for cobalt and ruthenium. The effect of increasing porosity on the retardation factor countered the effect of a significant increase in the distribution coefficient.