Yield and Missing Plant Rate of Panax ginseng Affected by the Annual Change in Physico-chemial Properties of Ginseng Cultivated Soil

토양이화학성(土壤理化學性)의 년차변화(年次變化)가 인삼수량(人蔘收量) 및 결주율(缺株率)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1989.03.30


The effect of soil physico-chemical properties of pre and post soil preparation and permanent bed period on growth and yield was analysed by two models of annual variation and percent annual change (PAC). 1. Aggregation, porosity, bulk density except moisture were significantly different in each year from preparation to the 6th year while all soil chemical properties except Mg were significantly different in each year. 2. Soil physical properties showed significant simple correlation with yield and negative with the missing plant rate in each year while the electroconductivity ($EC_5$) of the 4th year showed significant correlation with yield. 3. Yield showed significant positive correlation with the variation of aggregation in permanent bed period, and negative with variation and PAC of aggregation of preplanting soil and variation of moisture in permanent bed period. Missing plant rate was negatively correlated with porosity variation of preplanting soil and positively with PAC of aggregation in preplanting soil and of moisture in permanent bed period. 4. According to multiple regression between yield and soil physical properties, porosity of preplanting soil was in the greatest contribution. Among aggregations, the variation in permanent bed period was in the greatest contribution.