A Study for the Improvement of Top End Piece Structural Strength

상단고정체의 구조강도 개선을 위한 연구

  • Published : 1989.09.01


As a part of the design of the top end piece(TEP) for the 14$\times$14 reload fuel, various models of top end piece structure were analysed, using the ANSYS code, under fuel assembly shipping and handling load conditions. The 3-dimensional isoparametric elements were used in each model. By rearrangement of slots and holes on the adapter plate, without violating the design requirements, and also by changing the enclosure attachment method used on the adapter plate from pin joints to through-weld, the load carving capacity of the adapter plate was greatly strengthened. These concepts were adopted for the design of the 14$\times$14 reload fuel.