A Study on the Microscopic Fracture Characteristics of A533B-1 Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steels

A533B-1 원자로 압력용기 강의 미시적 파괴특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1989.09.01


The strain rate effects on fracture toughness and fracture resistance characteristics of A533B-1 nuclear pressure vessel steels were examined in the quasi-dynamic test conditions through the microscopic investigation of the intense strain region around crack tip and the microroughness of fracture surface. J-value calculated from the recrystallization etch technique was the same as calculated from the modified-J when the crack extension is less than 1.5mm in a 1/2T-CT specimen. Local fracture strain was calculated from the fracture surface micro-roughness. The local strains were calculated to be the values of 1.8 and 2.0 and were much higher than the macroscopically measured values. It was nearly independent on strain rate and was regarded as a material constant in ductile dimpled rupture. The fracture toughness increased with increase in strain rate while the tearing modulus showed little variation.