Investigation of the Control Absorber Characteristics in the KMRR

KMRR의 제어흡수체 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1989.09.01


Since in the KMRR the neutron spectrum is hardened in comparison with the conventional power reactors, and the absorber is in a tube-form which may contain the neutron multiplying media inside it, the reactor physics characteristics of the KMRR absorber are much different. The characteristics of the hafnium control absorber are studied under the several kinds of the environmental conditions. The environmental conditions include the inner materials inside the absorber shroud, the absorber thickness, the absorber burnout, and the fuel burnup. Investigated are nuclear characteristics such as the dependence of the spectral, regional, and isotopic contribution to the neutron absorption, and the dependence of the reactivity worth. Many important absorber characteristics are identified and presented from the analysis.