Production of Extracellular Amylase by Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki HD-1 and its Characteristics

Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki HD-1의 아밀라제 생산과 특성 연구

  • Published : 1989.06.01


The extracellular amylase production by Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki HD-l in amylase production media and its characteristics were investigated. The amylase production was highest in the medium composed of 0.2% soluble starch, 1.0% Bacto-peptone, 0.3% beef extract, 0.3% yeast extract, 0.5% NaCl, 0.3% $K_2HPO_4$, 0.1% $KH_2PO_4$, 0.012% $CaCl_2$.$2H_2O$, 0.005% $MnSO_4$.$H_2O$, and 0.03% $MgSO_4$.$7H_2O$. The amylase activity was inhibited by 50mM EDT A. The enzyme was optimally active from pH 6.5 to 7.0 at $55^{\circ}C$, The specific activity of the enzyme in the ethanol precipitate was 2.01 units/mg, and the Km value was approxi-mately 0.8 mg/ml.