A Response of the Shoal of Chub Mackerel ( Scomber Japonics , HOVTTYUN ) to Underwater Sound

수중음에 대한 고등어 어군의 반응

  • Published : 1989.03.01


A field experiment was carried out of confirm the effect of underwater sound on the luring of fish school of chub mackerel in the coast of Idousyo Island. Underwater sound that was made use of luring of fish school was pure sound and interval pure sound which the frequencies of the sound were 150Hz and 200Hz, respectively. The results of the observation of hooking and recording paper of fish finder indicate that the effect of emitting sound at 20m in the depth of water was remarkable for the luring of fish school of chub mackerel. The vertical pure sound pressure level at 150Hz and 200Hz of the water layer that was lured the fish school of chub mackerel were 140.1dB and 146.dB at 30m, 121.0dB and 126.6dB at 70m and 141.9dB and 120.5dB at 120m in the depth of water, respectively.