Study on the Improvement of Stow Net Fishing Technigue and the Enlargement of Fishing Groung to the Distant Waters 2 . Model Experiment on the Newly Designed Gear

안강망어법의 개량과 어장의 원해로의 확대를 위한 연구 - 2 . 새로 설계된 어구의 모형실험 -

  • Published : 1989.03.01


Some distinctive defects in the conventional stow net were examined and presented in the previous report of this series. To find out the more effective gear by correcting the defects, the authors carried out another experiment by using a newly designed gear. 1. Special features of the newly designed gear are: (1) stretched width of front end on top, bottom and side panel are decreased 20%, on the other hand, the frank of the panels are increased 10% compared with the conventional gear. Front end of top and bottom panels are bias cutten up to 20% of the length of panels. (2) Length of the head rope and ground rope are shortened 6% by changing of the shape of the top and bottom panels. (3) Lacing lines are attached to four longitudinal seaming lines with suitable hanging ratio. (4) Stretched height of the shearing device were shortened 17%, and the buoyancy on top of the device were increased 20%. (5) Length of the biforked pendants were arranged to be shorter on top-most and bottom-most ones, and loner on middle ones. 2. The observed result can be expressed as (1) Wrinkles in the front end of top panels are removed and fringe line of panels become smooth. (2) Opening height of mouth is observed 3% higher than that of the conventional gear. (3) Opening width is 1.5 to 1.6 times wider than that of the conventional gear. (4) Hydrodynamic resistance is decreased 10%-17%.