A study on the user modeling for user friendly system

이용자편의 시스팀의 이용자모델링

  • Published : 1989.03.01


Through this study, some considerations to be taken into account in order to construct the user model for the user friendly system which can provide each individuals user armed with varied intellectual level with the relevant information, can be summarized as follows : (1) The user' ability to use the system and users' subject knowledge, the distribution of the users' level knowledge should be considered for the decision of the typed of interaction between the users and the system. (2) the knowledge of the user models should include the following kinds of knowledge inharmony with one another, 1. Standard user knowledge which represents a general characteristic of user group, 2. individual user knowledge which represents an individual's unique characteristic, 3. Long-term user knowledge which represents the education level and subject background of users, 4. short-term user knowledge which represents the purpose of information science and information need by users (3) As knowledge generation technique, both the implicit method and explicit method should be a n.0, pplied, observation of the system during the interaction, and explicit method generates the knowledge by the user's answering the questions already made by the system. (4) The frame technique as the knowledge representation for the user-modelling in which user-knowledge is represented in a limited situation and in a qualitative aspects, can be recommended. The frame is adequated for the explanation of structured situation, and for the processing the present situation by inferring the previous experiences.