On the Short Term Air Pollution Dispersion Model for the Single Souce -Diffusion Experiment With Tracer Gas-

單一 排出源大氣汚染 短期모델에 관한 硏究 -Tracer Gas에 의한 擴散實驗-

  • 李鍾範 (江原大學校 環境學科) ;
  • 姜寅求 (國立環境硏究院)
  • Published : 1989.11.01


To evaluate the short term air pollution dispersion model, the diffusion experiment was conducted on the flat terrain near Chuncheon. Sulfur hexafluoride $(SF_6)$ gas was used to determine the horizontal spread of plume $(\sigmay)$ for calculated by CRSTER model. Results show that CRSTER model underestimates $\sigma$y because averaging time adjustment is not applied to calculate the $\sigma$y. The scheme that can estimate the atmospheric stability more accurate than Turner method, was presented.



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