A Technique for Reactor Water Chemistry to Reduce Radioactivity Build up

방사능 누적 저감을 위한 원자로 수질관리

  • 이용우 (한국에너지 연구소 원자력 안전센터) ;
  • 김홍태 (한국에너지 연구소 원자력 안전센터)
  • Published : 1989.12.20


An improved water chemistry technique was studied to reduce radioactivity build-up in reactor coolant system. The technique is convering the current coordinated lithium-boron chemistry regime to the elevated lithium chemistry regime in order to maintain high pH. Correlations between reactor coolant pH and radioactivity build-up were analized by using pH data from domestic PWRs. Consequently, it was founded that high pH chemistry was moer effective for radioactivity build-up reduction than current chemistry regime. This fact had revealed that much portion of reactor coolant corrosion products were nickel ferrite rather than magnetite, and that pH value ranging 7.0-7.4 was appropriate for high-pH chemistry operation.